AMA with 20SIX Hundred


Torbid: Is your car suitably pink neon?

20SIX Hundred: My car is NOT neon pink. However, the interior is as decked out in as much 80’s ness as I could get, complete with the coconut scented palm tree air freshener!

SquidTheSid: So, how did you come up with your name? What does it mean to you and why did you choose to spell it out like that?

20SIX Hundred: The Atari 2600 has always been in my house. I still own an original heavy sixer. The idea for the spelling came to me when I was brushing my teeth one night 🙂 Just thought it would look kinda cool like that.

SquidTheSid: Who were some of your inspirations? I know John Carpenter is a commonly cited example of inspiration for many artists.

20SIX Hundred: Obviously Carpenter. When I saw Halloween when I was 10, it literally changed my life. Made me want to become a film maker AND a musician. But I like MOST types of music. I dig down tempo stuff like Portishead, and Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Clock DVA from the 80’s. Another fave of mine is an obscure Canadian band called D.H.I. (Death and Horror Incorporated) have loved them for decades. And the duo COIL from the UK. And of course Vangelis.

SquidTheSid: What got you into making dark synth music?

20SIX Hundred: I have scored all of the low budget films I’ve been involved in. I heard and Act Razer track about 3 years ago, then my buddy posted a track by Perpetrator (John Holmes track) and I was hooked. My buddy said I should make music like that.

SquidTheSid: What do you think of some of your contemporaries like Carpenter Brut, GosT, and Perturbator? Are you friends with any of them?

20SIX Hundred: I love them all. Big fan of the Pert, and Brut. Unfortunately, not friends with them. I wish 🙂

SquidTheSid: How would you say your albums have evolved from Player One to The Next Level to The Cold Rise of Sleep?

20SIX Hundred: Technically and musically, I’ve feel I’ve gotten better, and I’ve definitely been learning how to make things “sound” better. Plus, I like things on the darker side, so things have gone that way.

SquidTheSid: Tying in with the first question, what is the significance of each album’s name?

20SIX Hundred: I would LOVE to work on a video game, and I JUST might have a few of my tracks licensed for 2 this summer, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

SquidTheSid: What software/hardware do you use to make your instruments?

20SIX Hundred: Technically and musically, I’ve feel I’ve gotten better, and I’ve definitely been learning how to make things “sound” better. Plus, I like things on the darker side, so things have gone that way.

SquidTheSid: Who did the lyrics in “The Next Level”? Was it you?

20SIX Hundred: Originally, I thought each album would have title that represented the order in which it came, Player One is the “first” Next Level is the (ahem) “next one”. And then I lost it. The Cold Rise From Sleep was a friend of mine’s idea. I loved it and reminded me of the dead at night. I grabbed it from him.

SquidTheSid: What’s next for 20SIX Hundred? A 4th LP? Concerts?

20SIX Hundred: A 4th LP for sure. Not sure which direction it’s gonna go, cuz I’ve been working on tunes that fall out of the “synthwave” genre, but I love the way they are sounding. Concerts, hell yeah. I want to do it so bad. Maybe by the end of this year. I also wanna make music with some sweet Female vocals….

SquidTheSid: What’s the synth scene like where you live? Any other notable synth artists from there?

20SIX Hundred: I’m in Vancouver, BC. There’s a bit of it. I’m a hop skip and jump away from Rossa Corsa – I need to hook up with him and do something sweet.

SquidTheSid: What’s your favorite food?

20SIX Hundred: I friggin love Sushi, Thai Food, Burgers. I fancy myself a bit of a BBQer, but not so much with the red meat. I’m more of a fish guy 😉

SquidTheSid: How do you feel about Bandcamp? How has it affect you as a musician and you as a consumer of music?

20SIX Hundred: I love Bandcamp – they’ve been good to me so far, aside from taking a bit more now then they did when I started. I love the email notifications that say “Cha-Ching”. The last few years I’ve spent HUNDREDs of dollars on Bandcamp artists. I think it’s great, and it’s led me to find music that I LOVE!

SquidTheSid: Who are some of your favorite artists in general?

20SIX Hundred: My fave band of all time is Pink Floyd (see if you can spot any Floyd guitar influences in some of my tracks). The Doors, (yeah I’m old school), Depeche Mode, Goblin, Art of Noise, Betty Davis (a hot funk chick from the early 70’s – CHECK HER OUT), Steve Roach (ambience). Damn…too many to list here….

Synthpon80s: Are you ever going to do collaborations with singers/lyricists and such? Lyrics could really work with your music.

20SIX Hundred: YES, I would LOVE to do a collab with a female vocalist!

Willie_f: I’ve always wanted to know about your use of Heaven’s Gate audio…

20SIX Hundred: Yes, I used the Heaven’s Gate audio. I was massively interested in the Heaven’s Gate cult, and always wanted to incorporate something from them into some of my music. The title of my second album is even called “The Next Level”, a phrase used in a lot of the Heaven’s Gate literature, and uses a lot of audio from Marshal Applewhite and even one of his disciples. Cults in general have always fascinated me and frightened me, but I thought it would be something interesting to add to some of my tracks. Thanks for asking!