AMA with The Midnight


The_Bedtime_Boy: Any plans to release an instrumental of the Lost & Found remix?

The Midnight: No but now you say it, that would be the easiest thing actually! I might just upload it later today!

newandreas: Do you guys do anything outside of music? Also, how did a Dane end up in LA?

The Midnight: We both work as songwriters and write for other artists. I (Tim) produce for a living for various artists in the pop world. The Midnight is my passion project and we’ll be doing this for a long to come :). I met Tyler in a session set up by his publisher at the time back in 2012 and we just hit it off. Take a look at the weather in Denmark vs Los Angeles and there’s your answer as to why I live here ha!

oswjim: which other synthwave artists you follow/like and possibilities of working/team-up with?

The Midnight: Oh man I love Tesla Boy and would love to do something with them at some point. Remix, co-feature, whatever really. Would also kill to do something with The 1975 but they’re obviously not Synthwave. Other artists would be Timecop1983, Miami Nights 1984, MPM Soundtracks, The Northern Lights and a bunch more that I’m forgetting their names right now haha!

IamNobodi: What’s your personal favorite song off the Days Of Thunder EP?

The Midnight: I would have to say Kick Drums & Red Wine because I just love the nostalgic floaty pads and dreamy vintage feel πŸ™‚

IamNobodi: I cannot wait for the new EP πŸ™‚ any release date planned yet?

The Midnight: Release for Endless Summer is May!

KiK4Mi: What advice would you give to someone that aspires to make New wave/Synthwave style of music?, How would you recommend they start off? What softwares/tools/instruments and things like that would you recommend to start off with?

The Midnight: Honestly I use all kinds of different synths. Massive, Spire, Sylenth, Omnisphere, Zebra just to name a few. But also try and google 80’s synths and find emulations or samples. And do the same with 80’s drum machines. I use KONTAKT as a sampler and it’s great for both drums but also synths.

Hages_wolf: Lurker face off πŸ™‚ big fan of your work. Im usually the one who comments on your fb page of drunken walks from pubs while listening to your music. Anyway.. in the new album, i remember you saying there will be more saxophone sound? Will this be included in a few of the songs or just one?

The Midnight: Boom! More sax. More sex. Just more of everything. And in more songs πŸ™‚

as334: Who is Gloria?

The Midnight: Haha that’s what I want to know! You should ask Tyler. I actually don’t think it’s about anyone particular. We are ALL Gloria.

oswjim: are you and Tyler “kids from the 80s” or just part of a younger generation drawn to the aesthetics/feel/music of the glorious 80s?

The Midnight: Im born in ’79 so definitely an 80’s kid! Tyler is also born in the 80s but not sure which year tho.

IamNobodi: Was there a particular reason you used Back to the Future as a visual for ” Gloria” ? One of my favorite videos you have done to date!

The Midnight: Actually no particular reason. Just love the movie and it had a kind of happy go lucky feel to it that seemed to fit the song.

SquidTheSid: A little over a year ago, your album was featured on /r/listentothis. How did/do you feel about that? How much of an impact did it have on your popularity?

The Midnight: huge impact! I would say it literally opened the door to the Synthwave scene. We owe a huge dept of gratitude to whoever posted the Days of Thunder video and the fact that people up-voted it so it made it to the front page In think. It really took off from there. So a big THANK YOU to Reddit and everyone who supported us!

SquidTheSid: Mono no aware is not a very commonly-used term, what was the inspiration for embracing the term so heavily?

The Midnight: Mono no aware is a term that tyler knew. He is the genius with words. I just sit and play cheesy synths all day. We just felt that it really encapsulated the essence of our music and the feeling we were trying to evoke.

SquidTheSid: How do you feel about the “heavier” side of synthwave (a.k.a. Darksynth)? Who are your favorite artists in this scene?

The Midnight: I actually haven’t listened to a lot of Darksynth but usually I need some melodic elements and preferably a nostalgic feel. I’m not super into the whole dystopian synth stuff but if the chords a dope then I’ll listen to just about anything. I couldn’t tell you any names in that genre cause I actually don’t know any off the top of my head :-/

SquidTheSid: As you mentioned in another comment, Tyler lives in NYC while you live in LA. How does this distance affect your relationship/capabilities, if at all?

The Midnight: Actually, the distance hasn’t affected the way we work much. Except we have to plan it out a bit more now. But usually we would do a day in the studio and I would then go and work on the tracks forever (cause I’m the slowest producer in the world…)

SquidTheSid: How do you feel about bandcamp? I personally can’t stand the UI of iTunes, so bandcamp was a great discovery for me.

The Midnight: Love bandcamp but also love iTunes. But bandcamp is definitely super artist friendly and I love that. SOUNDCLOUD tho…. Jesus Christ, they need to work on their interface for iOS. It is a horrible mobile experience! So bad.

SquidTheSid: What’s your favorite food?

The Midnight: Okay now we’re talking! I’m a total foodie so I’m just gonna name a bunch of good shit: Pizza (because it’s fucking pizza!) Indian food Korean BBQ In-N-Out burger The list goes on….

SquidTheSid: How do you feel about the outrun movement as a whole? What do you think of the resurgence of nostalgia for the 80s?

The Midnight: What’s not to love about this resurgence of nostalgia! I really am meeting a ton of kindred spirits I never knew I had. It’s pretty amazing actually.

2ndchorus: Hi Tim, Why ‘Endless Summer?’ I need deets πŸ™‚

The Midnight: I had watched the surf documentary The Endless Summer and it gave me this yearning for summer never to end. And when I asked Tyler to try and write over this track idea I had, he was really inspired and it just felt right. And then it just felt right to call the EP/album that.

BigTyronBawlsky: Music is incredible because it can be interpreted by almost any emotion or meaning and going through a rough breakout over the last year, listening to that song before and after has been beyond helpful for me.

The Midnight: Thank you so much, that means a lot to hear. I, personally, had also gone through a ruff breakup when we wrote that song and working on it was kind of my therapy so I know exactly where you’re coming from. Hope you feel better your heart heals!

AngryBeverage: Any music videos you have planned for the future? If you could do a music video for a song off of Days of Thunder which would it be and who would you have direct it?

The Midnight: Hmmm that’s a great question… Maybe The Years or Day of Thunder. As for directors… Fincher. Or maybe Joseph Kosinski. His visual aesthetic choices are always on point too.

2ndchorus: How many songs are you anticipating on the next album/EP?

The Midnight: About 8-10 I think. There’ll be a few instrumentals on this one. A one or two with me on vocals.

2ndchorus: What are you listening to right now? Not necessarily synth…I don’t like to stay in one box either πŸ™‚

The Midnight: The 1975, Coldplay, Emilie Nicolas “Pstero”, RY X “Love Like This, Taylor Swift, Tove Lo to name a few πŸ™‚

2ndchorus: You may not know this but you introduced me to this music & I’m eternally grateful. I LOVE music & ur vibes/tunes always hit the spot. Good luck & continued success. I’ll be anxiously awaiting ‘Endless Summer’!

The Midnight: What an awesome message to get! Thank you man, that means a lot! More music coming!

rastapirate: First off, thank you for creating such an amazing sound! I play Days of Thunder on my commute daily and it’s the best thing to blast while driving through downtown Chicago at night. Are you guys planning any shows in LA? I would love to see you guys live. I’m not sure if this was asked before but I have to know! Again, thanks for the awesome music!

The Midnight: Definitely planning live shows but i’m super new to that game so I’m having to learn how to do it. Thanks for your support!

Balynou: Any Days of Thunder physical release planned?

The Midnight: Nothing planned yet but that could happen. But not a huge priority now as I’m just trying to finish up the new EP/album.

Cardsfan1539: How’s the new EP coming along? Any chance of getting more than just a digital release? I would totally pay for some kind of signed physical copy/poster/whatever!

The Midnight: A lot of people have been asking for this so it’s definitely something I wanna look into. And the artwork for Endless Summer is gorgeous so I would like to give people a chance to own a physical copy and not just a tiny jpeg πŸ™‚

Cardsfan1539: Any plans, at all, of performing live/tour? I live in Tucson, AZ and I would absolutely drive to LA to see you guys perform live.

The Midnight: Definitely plans of performing live. It’ll be a kind of DJ set/performance I think. Working on it.

Cardsfan1539: What are some outrun/new wave artist you guys are listening to/drawing inspiration from/would recommend?

The Midnight: I actually tend to draw inspiration from outside the Synthwave world as I listen to a bunch of other genres.

haziqxareez: Have you ever thinking about doing a music for a game? If so,what type of game would it be?

The Midnight: Have I been thinking about it?? I would LOOOVVVE to do music for a game if it’s the right one and the aesthetics fit our brand and sound! Something like Vice City etc. would be a dream. Also would love to do movie scoring at some point as M83 did with Oblivion.

Cardsfan1539: Do you do the video editing for you YouTube channel’s videos? They’re very well done and do a great job setting the mood for your songs.

The Midnight: Yes I do! I had never even touched iMovie when I decided to a the videos for Days of Thunder but I thought it was super fun and love setting the moods for the songs. Glad you dig it!

2ndchorus: Inquiring minds want to know how you like ur coffee

The Midnight: Love a good cup of coffee. Actually just bought a very nice burr grinder for my home πŸ™‚ I’m such a nerd… Milk or half & half and a tiny bit of sugar or sweetener, unless it’s a REALLY good coffee and has no bitterness. I’m so glad we got to touch on this very important subject

SquidTheSid: Have you tried bulletproof coffee?

The Midnight: No but I just googled – does it have BUTTER in it?

SquidTheSid: Butter, coconut oil, and sometimes heavy cream.

The Midnight: Damn that’s a next level coffee maneuver.