Synthetic Sitdown with Floydshayvious, Talks Notes From the Sprawl

Arc Avalon: Floydshayvious, the man himself. As we both crack a cold one.. let me first ask, how did you first get into making music and what were some of the influences that have stuck to bring you to where you are now?

Floydshayvious: Hi, glad to be here and thanks! I’ve been making music for a few years now since purchasing fl studio 10 back in May of 2013. I don’t have a musical background but have loved electronic music since getting into trance and being introduced to Daft Punk in 1997. Homework was an eye opening experience- I was hooked haha! After some time learning the basics of sound synthesis via some very corny YouTube videos I started to upload my first tracks to soundcloud not long after that. It was around that time I came across New Retro Wave and other outlets like Synthetix Sundays playing amazing retro wave tunes. It was like heaven. Since then I’ve been learning as much as I can. I love dark synth music in particular.

Arc Avalon: Your latest release is entitled “Notes From the Sprawl”. It features some killer tracks and even more killer retro pixel art as we’ve seen in the last few releases. can you tell us more about this release and this super cool artwork?

Floydshayvious: Certainly! That last release was my first bundle of things in a while. I wanted to put something together for the nice folks on my Bandcamp mailing list and I also wanted to appeal to some latent OCD and have a nice round number of four solo releases before continuing with anything else haha! Kind of untraditional but I just group some favorite tracks on SoundCloud and release them every once in a while. My attention span isn’t so great so I hate sitting on things for too long. That will change soon hopefully. A major influence as far as theme and setting has got to be the cyberpunk genre – especially the Shadowrun universe. I hope some of those tracks reflect that kind of world (or most of my tracks really). The work of author William Gibson is also a huge inspiration – like with tracks such as “Wintermute” taken directly from Neuromancer. I’ve loved retro games (SNES mostly) and drawing/painting for most of my life. Starting with traditional media I transitioned to digital art. Somewhere along the line I was really drawn to pixel art – it’s just something really special to me and I enjoy trying to make it and looking at it a lot. Glad to see pixel art in general is really taking off in the synthwave scene. Awesome stuff out there!

Arc Avalon: Your style with art, writing and music are all very Interesting, brings fond memories on playing games like Diablo and many others. Do you think that the art style and influences have created a persona of sorts to carry your music?

Floydshayvious: Oh man Diablo – I can’t count the number of hours I sank into that franchise! I don’t know if I’d call all that a persona. I just thought it would be neat to do pixel covers for my releases. At the time it seemed pretty novel… No one (that was was aware of) was doing it. I had already gathered a nice following on Tumblr with my artwork so I figure I’d try and carry it over to covers and avatars. I thought they helped stick out on the Bandcamp listings. Those pixel covers seem to grab as much attention as the music they advertise, and it’s lead to a little freelance business here and there that I’m very grateful for.

Arc Avalon: Whats Floydshayvious like to do on a nice Saturday afternoon?

Floydshayvious: In the afternoon? I like sitting around with close friends and family. If I’m not learning about making music I’ll be doodling or something like that. It’s cheesy but I like catching a nice sit down to meditate for a while when I can – it’s something that keeps me level (or as level as I can be haha!). Since the summer is around the corner here I’ll be spending my weekend afternoons tending a small garden plot more than not. It’s the Georgia in me I guess. I also enjoy a nice smoke and drink when I can. Really enjoy small private gatherings like that. I’m not an ‘out on the town’ guy at all.

Arc Avalon: The music you make has tons of depth, drive, and atmosphere bringing loads of cyberpunk, dark-future sounds combining them with synthwave and 80s flare, while throwing your own unmistakable style on top of it all. We as listeners want to know, what are your plans are in the future for music?

Floydshayvious: Just having the time and fortune to make free tunes to spread around like seeds is more than I could ask for. That feeling when someone downloads my music is incredible – donations are nice too haha! Formally, I’d really like to have an official release if I can muster it. I’ve been in talks with 30th Floor Records for quite some time – absolutely incredible talent in the vault! I can get super critical of my work (like we all can at times I guess during the creative process?) so I had scrubbed a rather ambitious project in recent months that I was not happy with. Thankfully it seems like things are picking up again and I’ll hopefully be making a small, formal, and rather experimental, release very soon – but I don’t have many details right now. But soon!

Arc Avalon: If you had some words for your fans, listeners and followers, fellow producers what would they be?

Floydshayvious: okay… well that’s difficult… hmm… honestly I just want everyone thats thinking of me to know that I’m immensely grateful. I’m a rather anxious… sheltered guy… and I don’t get out much. Getting this kind of attention is quite the turns from the status quo for me (and that’s really an understatement). Also – I’m constantly learning. I feel like my music can take unexpected turns as I’m still figuring things out. To other musicians- I’m certainly open to collaborating but that’s also a process that I know very little about. I think that helps both people learn even more so I’d like to get into that.

Arc Avalon: In this short interview we have learned a great amount about you Floydshayvious, we appreciate you doing this interview to the fullest! Your music, Art, Lifestyle, Future plans and all. Is there anything you like to leave off with us before you go?

Floydshayvious: Yep. Thank you. And thanks in general to this kind of music… there’s so much of It… Thanks to the people for existing and making things. Being a part of this is very neat.